Some days in Bella Italia

Sometimes I am lucky and a business trip takes me to other countries … like this week to Italy. Fortunately, also on business trips there is some spare time and you can enjoy the countries.

This time the highlights were:

– life in Milan in Chinatown (it feels a bit strange to arrive in Italy and only be surrounded by Asians…)

– explore Milan and especially see the Dome

– feeling like in the 70s due to the furniture at our supplier 😂

– eat many Italian dishes 😋

– stay in Vimercate in a very nice B & B

– visit our factory in Italy

– meet the Italian colleagues again and eat very well 🤘🏼

– stuff the trunk with salami and olive oil

– Two times unscotted drive through Switzerland without vignette 🤦🏼

Special greetings to Michele, Davide, Paolo, Mattia and of course Wiebke 😉.

See you soon!

Ein Gedanke zu “Some days in Bella Italia

  1. Warum nur wirken allein die Zitrone und die Paprika frischer, besser, saftiger und leckerer als alles was man hier im Supermarkt zu kaufen bekommt?

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